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X-Ray Spex!!!

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new member :) [25 Feb 2005|06:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey. I'm new.Jaime/15 years old/Lake In The Hills IL.... I love X-Ray Spex. They're one of my favorite bands..(not that any of you really care..but I thought I'd share, cause I'm cool like that)along with The Eyeliners, Bikini Kill, GG Allin, Vice Squad, Blondie,Stiff Little Fingers, Horrorpops, The Adicts,Le Tigre, The Misfits, Tsunami Bomb,Tiger Army,Nekromantix,Stray Cats, and too many more that I forget sometimes, heh.

Okay, I'm going to go now cause this was a shit post. oopsies.
anyhoo, bye bye.

scrub away scrub away scrub away

Remember the Chelsea Hotel [13 Aug 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Yeah I am suprised this community isn't dead. I updated it a little bit. I lost my x-ray spex Cd's so now I have to buy new one's. Unless someone wants to burn me some copies.
Oh and if you live in southern california join socal_punk
Let's keep this community alive. Tell all your friends!
Cheers & Beers,

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[28 May 2004|03:13am]


JOIN MY NEW COMMUNITY!!!!!  _diy_earrings

pretty self explanetory


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a typical good time girl like me.... [06 May 2004|08:47pm]

hey! im jenn, im new to this community. so glad i found it, poly styrene rawks my world!!!

I don't need no diamonds now
They'd seem like broken glass
I'd never wear a fur
Would seem like stepping into anothers skin
A typical good time girl like me
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